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FamilyVoice Australia National Director Ashley Saunders has warned that redefining marriage will place social engineering far above biology.

Citing examples in Canada where gender requirements have been removed from marriage, Mr Saunders said this has led to the “wholesale redefinition of ‘family.'”

He said legislation passed last year in Ontario not only removes traditional references of ‘mother’ and ‘father’ from birth certificates in favour of the gender-neutral word ‘parent’ but also means birth certificates can be signed by up to four people – all of whom will inevitably be involved in child custody disputes should relationships break down.

“Lawyers, politicians, and other social engineers have become the new midwives,” he said in a online video posted on Friday.

“Because same-sex couples are unable to reproduce without external assistance, all of sperm or egg donations, IVF medical technology and surrogacy are utilised in the push to normalise same-sex relationships by providing to them the children they cannot produce naturally.

“These approaches mean that children are born and raised in the absence of at least one biological parent and that parliament is required to step in to fill the void historically filled by biology.

“The legislation required to regulate this new approach to parenting is considerably complex – and, as you can imagine, quite lengthy, with sections 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13 all required to clarify what is meant by ‘parent’ in this legally ­constructed ‘family.’

“Now, when legislation needs several pages to describe who is – and who is not – a parent of a child, not only are you creating a legal nonsense, but it is clear biology is taking a distant second-place behind the cause of social engineering.

“And what about the poor child?

“Why vote ‘no’? Because children deserve much better!”

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